While I am appreciative of being located in My fair city, the urge and the desire to travel are always prevalent factors. Which is why, sometimes, it’s extremely hard to see Me locally. I could be off somewhere, far away.

The month of May proves to be one of those in which availability in Chicago will be selective. Planning in advance is always encouraged, but especially in this coming month it is paramount that you, (the reader, the fan, the novice, the loyal subject, etc) plan ahead!

Mid-May, I head to Detroit, MI. The exact dates are 5/13-5/16.

Towards the end of the month, I plan on visiting Milwaukee, WI. Exact dates will be posted in My Updates Page, as well as on My Twitter account and Instagram page.

Those of you located in these areas can rejoice, and I certainly look forward to reuniting! Those of you wondering if I’ll ever even deem it worthy of My time to come visit your town, I pose this comment: Chicago isn’t that far! Also, I do travel for one-on-one engagements with select individuals who have visited with Me before, and thus have proven to be sincere and honest individuals. Therefore, you have possibilities. Abide by My rules, and be rewarded. It’s really that simple!

Now , I must sign off and fend off the doldrums that make up this dreary late-April day. The rain isn’t doing much to inspire Me just now, so I think a trip to the gym and a good book (currently reading Mary Gaitskill’s ‘Somebody with a Little Hammer.’) will do the trick. Well, and perhaps assigning My chastity slave some brutal tasks.

Mistress Mara