My Return:

What a great vacation I had! Taking time off to wander and explore a different part of the world revitalizes all of My senses, and grants Me opportunity to really appreciate what I have back in My fair and windy city.

While I won’t indulge you in the exact details of My whereabouts, I can tell you that My time was well spent! Catacombs, nightclubs, concerts, and days spent wandering in the woods all took place, as did some fine dining and wine tastings. I may have even procured some new rubber garments, but they will need time to be made, as custom orders are best not rushed!

So, now that I am back in Chicago, what does your Mistress have planned?

For starters, I must now prepare for the Cincinnati Bondage Ball later next month, in case you didn’t know? Yes, Mistress Devlynn has asked yours truly to be a part of her amazing event that she hosts every year at the end of July. I seriously cannot wait to show you what I have planned!

More information can be found here:

Perhaps some of you will make the trek down and see for yourselves. If you do so, consider a doubles encounter with Mistress Devlynn and Myself; We work very well together, and experiences like this don’t happen every day, so why not indulge in something different? I will let dates of potential appointment availability be known in a near future post, as well as any class announcements that I may have planned for My trip down to Cincinnati.

For now, I think I have indulged you with enough cerebral fodder.

Mistress Mara