Musings while on the road

Has it really been that long since My last journal entry? Much has happened since the time of My return from Europe, some of it mundane, some of it kinky. Let’s start with where I am in the world, currently.

As I write this, I am located in a lovely boutique hotel in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio, where I have been conducting kinky business, as well as rehearsing for the event of the Summer, the Cincinnati Bondage Ball. Yes, I will be performing there alongside some very talented people. No. I won’t tell you what kind of performance I will be doing. You would need to be there to believe it. I certainly don’t make things easy, do I? (Of course not!)

Shows and performances aside, I am tentatively planning on being in NYC in mid August for a few days. It’s been a spell since I last sauntered down the streets of Manhattan, and I always enjoy the NYC Rubber Studio, where I prefer to bide My time and bondage. Consider this a fair warning, East Coast slaves. I am soldifying dates as soon as I hit the ground in Chicago tomorrow, and have time to really plan out My course of action.

Lastly, I will relay this:

I had one of the most satisfying ball busting scenes this past week. Steel toe boots were involved. Light rope bondage. Leather parachutes and weights made male pieces of anatomy swing and stretch. The grin on My face as I type this is a great indication of how much pleasure I derive from such ventures. Photos weren’t taken. Privacy is paramount, after all. It always is.

Off to conquer!

Mistress Mara