As the title of this blog entry would suggest, life has offered up nothing but excitement these past few days. This past weekend was spent in Cincinnati, Ohio, were I conducted sessions and performed at the annual Cincinnati Bondage Ball alongside many talented performers and kinksters. Now that I have had some time to catch My breath, I thought I would share some of the tales, as well as some mini tour announcements.

The Cincinnati Bondage Ball was well attended. Given that it’s an annual event, people come in droves from all over the place to participate in the Bacchanalian festivities. The dark ambience of the venue provided the perfect setting for much kinky play to happen, as several areas of the space were equipped for just that. Just imagine the fog machine, a dark room, and a beautiful rope bondage suspension scene happening in the corner. That was the exact setting for this event.

My performance was one of several talented, and well curated acts. While I do feel that you ought to have witnessed the event in person, I will tell you that My act paid homage to the late David Bowie, whose music and artistic sensibilities have provided much inspiration for Myself. A light blue vinyl ensemble, Isis wings, and many backbends were included. I’ve not done burlesque in some time, so to be soo well received by such a responsive audience was rewarding. The art of tease is something I have mastered over the years, and I was happy to bring the art form to Ohio. In the past, I have performed at the NYC Fetish Ball, as well as the Detroit Fetish Party. Who knows? Maybe one of these days you’ll be privy to such a performance.

“What’s next on Mistress Mara Mayhem’s agenda,”you might be wondering. Aside from keeping Chicago submissives well-behaved, I have plans to be in NYC later in August. I also will be attending the local Chicago Club Fem Party this coming weekend, on August 3rd. This is a great play party, with the dynamic being CFnm, (clothed female, nude male). Of course, feminized males are welcome. You can find out more about the event on Fetlife.com.

I also was thinking to Myself that it’s been some time since I last went up to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and I know just how much you Wisconsin boys enjoyed My last trek up that way. The dates I was thinking of for that were August 8-9th, give or take. You can politely email Me with regards to this little tryst up north.. Do keep in mind that references and deposits are required in order for Me to consider you, should you be a new applicant.

For now , I have some local slaves to shape up. Ball busting and foot worship are on the agenda, what with My newly pedicured gold toes and pale complexion. What a combination!

Mistress Mara