Here today and gone tomorrow

Fortune would have it that I be rather preoccupied this past month, what with travel to Cincinnati and being a bit of a show girl! Chicago has kept me rather focused, what with a few novices reaching out and finally getting their kink cherry popped; I am thrilled that these individuals sought Me out!

This coming week, I am off to Milwaukee, WI. I will have extremely select availability while there, as My Wisconsin boys are eager to see Me. Don’t let that deter you if that you simply are dying to have such an experience with Me; I strongly suggest getting in touch sooner rather than later, and being able to answer questions I might have. After all, you cannot simply expect Me to be a mind reader ( that is a profession I didn’t take, otherwise I would have found a solution to world peace by now!).

But, just because I am always on the go doesn’t mean that I can’t carve out time to read! Some of you are always asking Me what Mistress Mara is reading, and I am glad you take such an interest. Currently, I am reading T. C Boyle’s newest work, ‘Outside looking In.’ Thus far, enjoyable. Boyle has a wonderfully sinister way of documenting major hoaxes and toxic paradigms that plague some of America’s history. I highly recommend his works.

With that, I am signing off to indulge in a little bit of late night latex.

Mistress Mara