Regarding References

It’s come to My attention that some of you out there are a bit removed from the standards of protocol and good manners. Especially when it comes to the matter of references. I’m going to be brief, but here’s My rule:

You don’t get to use Me as a reference if you’ve not seen Me in over 2 years.

You might be wondering why that is the case? Good! Here’s why: if you’ve not seen Me in over two years, and that means in person, using Me as a reference out of the blue is uncouth. I might not have saved your emails, so trying to recall details to another Mistress without a clue is a waste of everyone’s time. Not to mention a potential safety hazard.

If, on the other hand, you’ve not been able to play in a long time, and we have met, why not reach out and ask Me before jotting down My name as a viable reference? That would be thoughtful and courteous. And we all like those attributes, now, don’t we?

I’ve said My part. Back to kinky shenanigans.

Mistress Mara