When it comes to Bdsm, variety is key with Me, though I admittedly have a few permanent favorites, which I will list at the top. Should you not see something listed, feel free to send a polite email to inquire. Harsh judgement will befall you if you are rude or ask for outlandish and illicit activities.

Fear not, nervous novices: I can and will adhere to reduced levels of intensity for your scene, as communicated upon by you in pre-scene negotiations. Seasoned players can be assured that hard limits aside, your boundaries may be pushed, but only in a most delightful and perhaps sadistically playful manner.

*Nipple torture: Oh, do I ever have countless ways of making your pectoral areas sore and stimulated! I also have an ever growing collection of clamps, by the way, each set more unique than the last.

*Trampling: Nothing derives more pleasure out of Me than seeing you beneath Me in a compromised position. Especially with My sharp, stiletto heels digging in.

*Bondage: I have been known to be a MacGyver of bondage, utilizing the materials at hand. From light to deeply intricate, I can weave you into a web that leaves you restricted and helpless. Rope, leather, Saran Wrap (aka mummification) are just a few of the materials I especially enjoy using to bind you with.

*Corporal Punishment and Discipline: Welts that raise the skin. Bruises that vary in shades of red and purple, sometimes black. I adore corporal scenes, and the more one is willing to take for Me, the happier. Canes, floggers. My own bare hands. There are countless options, and variety is always certain.

*Foot and Shoe worship: My perfect size 7 feet ( shoe brand depending) rejoice at the mere thought of a good foot slave massaging my arches and toes. Boot worship is also enjoyable, what with My ever-growing collection of foot attire.

*Feminization: Be it just donning a pair of ladies’ panties in our scene, or going all out with a detail-oriented full transformation, there are opportunities here to reveal your more feminine side.

*Humiliation and Degradation: Whether you just crave and yearn for My spit upon your brow, or pine (spelling?) for more demeaning actions, there are varying degrees of severity that can arise. Objectification and simply ignoring your presence are possibilities to consider. Select water sports are also an option, but I have become more discerning about who qualifies for such activities.

*Tease and Denial: What can be more fun the thought of you bound and tied and unable to touch and grab? The look upon your face as you beg and whimper for that which you can’t have is endearing, but denial is part of the fun.

*Slave training: Perhaps you crave the chance to experience strict D/s protocol, where your every step may be judged and held against you. Ritualized and cerebral, these scenes aren’t for the unmotivated or docile individual.

Aka what I am not into and Do Not Offer:

*Toilet paper service
*Adult babies and diaper play

*Wrestling: I am 115 lbs. I’m not an Amazon. The answer is No, and shall be until the end of time! *Sexual acts: This shouldn’t have to be mentioned. *Nudity: Don’t ask.