Who am I?

What a wonderful question that is!

First and foremost, I am one of the most inquisitive people you will ever come across. I love learning and I never shy away from asking a million questions. I feel that this approach gives people that I meet an opportunity to lower barriers and allow for a more individualized encounter.

Second of all, I am a well-established professional Mistress with over a decade of experience. I take great pride in My work, although I don’t think of this a ‘job;’ I would consider this a passion, rather, and one that is always evolving.

With all the above having been said, I am a serious person on many levels, especially when it comes to matters of BDSM. I don’t tolerate ignorance or disrespectful behavior, nor will I participate in unsafe or risky endeavors. Consent is key in My book. I will assume that you are an adult that has willingly found himself or herself here and that you possess the relatively sane and sound mind that is required to go forward on this journey, unless proven otherwise.


Hair-color: Naturally Red.

Shoe size: A perfect 7.

Height: 5’7; 6’0 in My favorite heels

Measurements: 32-24-35. I wear a Size S in most things.

Favourite colors: Black and Purple.