Email is preferred. is the guaranteed way to reach Me.

Phone calls are permitted only with established individuals.


I am seldom (if ever!) available for same day appointments. I rarely make exceptions, so plan accordingly and in advance. 24 to 48 hour notice is ideal and preferred.


If you are a new subject looking to serve Me, you must adhere to My screening procedures, as I do not make exceptions to My screening requirements.

Screening Requirements:

Your full name.
Dates and times you are best available to meet.
Experience level and interests.
Hard limits and health restrictions.
One to two reputable Mistress references, including a website link and the date that you last served them.

No references?
No problem.
If you cannot provide references, then I require a small deposit of 100 dollars via GiftRocket. Your deposit will apply against total tribute costs. Making a small deposit demonstrates to Me that you are serious about O/our meeting.


I only frequent dungeon locations that are fully equipped, aesthetically pleasing, discrete, and, most importantly, clean.

The exact address is provided upon your confirmation prior to O/our meeting. I can disclose that the vicinity is conveniently located approximately 12 minutes from Downtown Chicago. Metered parking is available in the area.

Clean towels and a shower are available for you both upon your arrival and before you re-enter the real world once more after our meeting.


I do quite a bit of travel and can, from time to time, be found in a metropolitan area near you. Sign up for My newsletter, subscribe to My twitter page, or look at the Updates page for where I am going to be next.

Don’t see your city listed and desire the opportunity to serve?
Email Me about one-on-one excursions.
That email, again, is
Screening procedures and travel rates will apply.